Dinner Menu 

Smaller Bites

Pork chicharron · 75
Fried pork skin and chile de arbol salsa

Two oysters ·90
Guillardeau oysters with habanero and sea buckthorn

Cod Empanada · 100
Filled with salted cod fish cooked in tomato salsa, served with crema and wood sorrel

Ceviche Verde · 150
Octopus and brill marinated in a jalapeño lime juice. Served with dry tostadas and horeseradish mayo  

Endives and dzikilpak · 95
Roasted tomato salsa with pumpkin seed, red endives with a black habanero-mint vinaigrette

Guacamole · 95
With Avocado leaf oil and tostada crisps

Octopus Tostada · 140
Octopus grilled in al pastor, fresh avocado, cured egg yolk and habanero sauce

Tuna Tostada · 95
Crispy tortilla, raw tuna marinated in charred habanero salsa and guacamole


Larger Bites

Dirty Carnitas · 160
2 tacos with grilled Brigante cheese, filled with organic Hindsholm pork confit with habanero and pickled onions

Potatoes with miso adobo taco · 100
2 tacos with roasted potatoes, cured egg yolk and requeson 

Favourite servings
· 400 pr. person
Kitchen´s choice of 5 savory servings.
Chef's choice. Does not include any of the bites above. To be ordered by the whole table.

Drinks pairing · 285 pr. person
A selection of 5 drinks selected by our team.
Includes seasonal selections of spirits, beer, wine, cocktails  and aguas frescas.


Paleta  · 85
Blackcurrant and lemon with Mexican anise hyssop syrup

Open churro sandwich · 95
Churro, frozen parfait and bitter cream

We are happy to serve mainly organic vegetables and meat throughout our menu. :)

Vegetarian options available upon request · Please let us know if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions.
Payments by credit cards will be subject to the relevant provider’s fee.



  1. Sanchez Margarita · 100
    Mezcal koch espadin, pasilla chile syrup, lime
    Mezcal Negroni · 115
    Mezcal koch Espadin, rosehip liquor, vermouth

    Teporochito 2.0 · 100
    Picaflor Mezcal, housemade tepache, orange
  2. If you like Piña Colada · 110
    Paranubes and West Indies Rum, pineapple and coconut
  3. Sour-cito · 110
    Bourbon Four Roses, tamarind syrup, Tuvé vermouth

    Paloma · 95
    Tequila Ocho, grapefruit soda, avocado leaf syrup, lime juice
    El Cardenal · 110

    Plantation Rum, red wine, orange, lemon
  4. Chicana Spritz ·  95
    Tequila Calle 23, Tuvé vermouth, Campari, Ancho Reyes, Tonic 
  5. Espresso Martini · 95
    MC coffee liquor, vodka, star anise syrup, vanilla

Agua frescasBeers


Pacifico, Imported Mexican Pilsner · 60
4,5 % Pilsner, 35,5cl.

Negra Modelo, Premium lager · 50
5,4%, 35,5cl
Cloud 9 Wit, Belgian Saisson · 75
4,6%, 33cl

Tecate, pale lager · 45
4,5%, 33cl

Solskin Ale , Økø Ale · 50
Svaneke, 4.8%, 25cl

La Hija, Lime infused Kólsh · 50
Insurgentes, 5.5%, 25cl

Agua frescas

Hibiscus Tea · 50
Floral · Concentrated
Tepache · 50
Fermented Pineapple with Spices
Lime and Cucumber  · 50

Mezcal - 2cl

Alipus San Luis del Río · 50
Region of Oaxaca, agave Espadín, 46.7%ABV
Real Minero
· 80
Region of Oaxaca, blend of 4 different agaves, 46.5% ABV
Pescador de Suenos
· 100
Region of Jalisco, agave Maximiliana, 47.2% ABV
La Venenosa, Sierra Occidental
· 80
Region of Jalisco, agave Inaequidens, 46.7% ABV

Mezcal Flight · 110
4 servings of clearly different mezcal (4 x 1cl)

Filter Coffee from Prolog · 35 
Infusion · 35
Mint · Ginger  

Filtered Water · 25 per person

Please ask your waiter for our full wine and mezcal selection
Payments by credit cards will be subject to the relevant provider’s fee.